I want an option to enjoy golf casually. Depart from home by golf wear and go to the next place after the round. It can be used as a practice clothes or everyday clothes. I want to make a clothing that expands the range of the scene. With that in mind, the brand was launched.
The brand name "SUIC" is derived from the four -character idioms of the Chinese classic, "Shoko", "Swimp, Breastful Breathing, Breast Delivery". The literal translation is "breathe deeply, spit out old ki and sucks new ki." SUIC GOLF blows a new wind without being bound by the common sense and traditions so far, proposing an unprecedented golf style.


A minimal design and sharp silhouette. Although it is a sporty material that considers functionality, it has been dared to cut off the golf with modern and feminine cutting. We have the idea of ​​color selection from the sky, turf, soil, etc. so that it blends naturally in the golf course. I am conscious of the compact size so that delicate people can wear it with just fit.


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